Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is central to what we do; whether it's supporting our people, using less resources, or nurturing future talent.

We continue to work with our people to help Vaultex do more. Our people are always eager to support our local communities and charities and are encouraged to make a difference in any way they can – from local volunteering to bake sales. Our CSR strategy is built on 5 E’s, Environment, Employability, Enterprise, Engagement and Ethics.

Treating others how we expect to be treated is one of our core organisational values, and going the extra mile is a huge part of that. Ethics ties together our CSR strategy, and shows that we go beyond what is expected of us both at work and in our communities. Last year we trained all of our managers in how to support their colleagues through a mental health issue. This year, we’re looking at celebrating Diversity and making sure we’re doing even more to support social mobility in our communities.

We are continually looking to reduce our carbon footprint, too. Last year, we continued to reduce our energy consumption and ran a ‘No Time to Waste’ Campaign, aimed at changing attitudes toward energy consumption and waste management throughout the company.

We’re committed to increasing the skills of our current and future workforce. We run employment workshops with students within our local communities. We have reached over 700 students since we started in 2016. We also work with Making the Leap, a social mobility and youth charity, which runs careers education programmes for schools and prepares young adults for job opportunities.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved within our local communities, and we’ll continue to work with local businesses and charities to make sure what we do has a significant impact. Last year, we worked with the British Heart Foundation to train 14% of our people in CPR.

Our matched-funding programme helps our people boost the funds that they raise for the causes that matter to them most. Last year, we matched over £18,000, supporting 36 different charities on behalf of our people. Not only that, but we introduced paid volunteering, so our people can contribute in a much more meaningful way without worrying about taking time off work.

If you have any queries about our CSR programme, or would like to discuss any opportunities, please contact: [email protected]